Google launches a cool pinball game machine that can be played in any web browser

Google took advantage of its Worldwide Developers Conference to launch a pinball game to play online from any web browser. Aside from the fun aspect, it’s also a showcase of the capabilities of Flutter, the search engine’s cross-platform framework.

Google I/O 2022 version enabled for Google Launching the new Pixel 6a phone And the detection of many other new features, both hardware and software. This is mainly for the general public, but the developers have also screwed up new APIs for testing in their apps.

Like pinball

Google also wanted to show off the capabilities of Flutter, the cross-platform development framework. Thus, the search engine has created a pinball machine, I/O Pinball, that can be played in any browser!

Just get this Title. The controls are adapted to the computer we are playing on (using a keyboard or touch screen). It is even possible to make it a web app by “installing” the site on an Android smartphone.

Credit: Google

Technically, it’s a success. Flutter adapts not only to local applications (iOS, Android) but also to the web. As for the 2D graphics rendering engine, Flame, it shows its power. This engine lets you create animations, detect collisions, and manage the physical properties of objects, all fully integrated with Flutter.

Finally, why bother developing for certain platforms when Google’s technologies allow for barriers to be overcome? This is the message that the company intends to convey to the developers. Those who wish can even take a look at the source code available at github. Good way to understand how Flutter works and why not, to give ideas to developers.

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