Showdown: Baseline demo planned for the GTX 980 enhanced in Quest 2

confrontation It is a technical presentation for PC VR Released in 2014that is, eight years agooculus rift The first of the name. Provides action scene in mode bullet time. The experiment was created with the engine Unreal Engine 4 It was a kind of technology show On the capabilities of virtual reality with a high-resolution display. In 2022, it’s back to our standalone headphones.

was the show The purpose of rendering graphics VR High resolution capable of running on GTX 980 (The best GPUs Time, memories, memories…) at the beginning oculus rift At a rate of 90 frames per second. You can download for free confrontation On theApplication lab at this address. The app was powered by dead On the MetaQuest and behaveCase study of optimization best practices From PC content VR to research.

We were able to test The demo is on Meta Quest 2 and it also works at 90fps, but at a much higher resolution : 1832 x 1920 (Quest 2( vs. 1080 x 1200 )Oculus Rift CV1). Unbelievable are you telling us! Yes, but there is a trick… The app here has suffered a drastic cut in textures and lighting in particular. But that’s not all, a fairly large static click-rendering is used, and technology absoallowing for significant performance gains of up to 70%, activated to properly maintain 90 frames per second.

Showdown 1

The display is not as beautiful as it is on PC VR. It must be said that GTX980Even considering his age, he remains very much superior to Snapdragon XR2 In terms of performance, it is included in our Meta Quest 2. sitting a little behind a GTX-1060. However, we can applaud the work of the developers who show it againA lot can be done on research With a little improvement.

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The visual experience of the demo can be configured through the settings menu. So it is possible to play onabsothe level CPU/GPUsdisplay frequency, etc.

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