Google releases an update for Chrome to fix a bug that has been widely exploited by hackers

Chrome: a security vulnerability actively exploited by hackers – Gecko

Just published Mountain View Corporation new update for him
Internet browser, Chrom. This is especially important as it fills a security vulnerability that is actively exploited by hackers.

The Security gap In question it is at the level of the JavaScript engine V8 version 88 of Chrome and consists of a memory corruption “heap overflow” error in the engine, the Mountain View company identified without further details.

Urgent update

We can imagine that Google The details of this flaw that is actively being exploited by hackers are best kept secret to prevent other malicious people from taking advantage. The American giant should definitely share more details once the majority of Chrome users install the patch.

To avoid this bug, you have to go to your internet browser, click on the three small dots in the top right, the “Help” option, then “About Google” and install update 88.0.4324.150. The download of the new version should logically start automatically, but you can do that manually. After that, you have to restart your web browser.

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