Weekly review and forecast: the flagship smartphone and its delivery problems again

Microsoft Flight Simulator now learns virtual reality using correction. And visually, like the 2D version, it’s quite impressive, so it’s no wonder that the VR refresh test received the most attention in the past week.

However, hardware starvation is very high, and even the demanding 2D variant appears harmless. Both the processor and the graphics card face huge challenges and it is nearly impossible to run the game smoothly in VR mode. Flight Simulator can’t even run on AMD GPUs. In addition, it is annoying to control the use of the mouse and keyboard in VR mode.

A new and pioneering smartphone

The test of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung’s new flagship smartphone, has reached the second place. The highlight of the Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone, which costs 1,249 euros in RRP, is the 6.8-inch OLED display, which impresses with its WQHD + resolution, 120Hz, variable refresh rates and conjures up gorgeous on-screen images. Apart from that, it can convince various other components such as the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, camera and SoC. There are only a few weaknesses. For example, the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s memory can no longer be expanded.

Graphics cards are said to be less available

Missing graphics cards ranked first in the reports. Because the improvement in the tragic state of delivery is simply not in sight, but rather the opposite. Alternate PC dealer has information from Nvidia and graphics card manufacturers that the situation for the GeForce RTX 3000 Series is expected to worsen even more in the first quarter. Several reasons have been advanced for this, including Chinese New Year celebrations and the accompanying factory closures that are said to be a problem.

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New Samsung TVs with an Unknown Number of Small LEDs

Meanwhile, Samsung has announced first pricing for the Neo QLED mini LED TV. Match News reached second place, with at least $ 1,600 (pre-tax) for a 4K TV and no less than $ 3,500 for the 8K version. Depending on the series and size, the models can also raise prices dramatically, the maximum being $ 5,000 (4K) or $ 9,000 (8K). Meanwhile, important information about how many small LEDs or areas the televisions will have is still unknown.

New articles in the new week

There are several articles on the editorial team’s to-do list next week. Among other things, AMD’s SAM or Resizable BAR will be present, which, depending on the scenario, enables a significant increase in performance over the Radeon RX 6000 graphics card. This article is an introduction to the new graphics card testing system, which will celebrate its premiere with benchmarks for a total of 23 Graphics card from AMD and Nvidia (as well as interesting results).

With this reading material in your luggage, our editors wish you a relaxing Sunday!

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