Google unveils major search engine upgrade

Major developments in the Google search engine are becoming scarce. The giant is usually in a modified state. This time, Google is revealing a new way to do the search.

Source: Google

since its inception, The Google It has established itself as the default search engine for the vast majority of Internet users around the world. Initially this search was text, and it has evolved with other methods: voice search using Google Assistant, or in a photo with Google Lens. Very regularly, the company also changes its algorithms to try to make the engine more relevant to its responses.

However, these times Google rarely brings a major development of its engine with new approaches. The company is going even further this time with a very promising new multimedia search mode.

Combine image and text search

So Google announces a new way to search Google app on Android and iOS. Now it lets Google Lens do a search based on an image we already know, and then add text to it to illustrate your idea. Google offers a dress photo idea that we would like to find similar models on the Internet. Then the search is refined by adding the color “green”.

Google unveils major search engine upgrade
Source: Google

The engine can then combine the two criteria and search for a model similar to the dress pictured, but in green. Obviously, the example here is relatively simple and easy to understand what kind of search Google will allow, but we can imagine the complexity of the task to understand the request. Google provides other examples: add “tableto the living room image to search specifically for the table model, or “Care TipsWith a photo of houseplants for recommendations.

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To perform rather complex idea-coupling tasks, Google announces that it uses the latest artificial intelligence algorithms. The company especially needs to understand the context and the natural language that users use.

Currently, this new search mode is limited to English and US. Google also indicates that it is a beta version.

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