Google will add a dose of artificial intelligence to Chrome, and this is what it looks like

While this advancement is exciting, you'll have to wait before taking full advantage of it. In fact, only the Canary version of Chrome, which is known to be unstable but pioneers new features, currently has this option, which is still in development.

So the vast majority of users of the stable version will have to be patient. Gradual deployment appears inevitable to improve AI integration and wider dissemination.

Beyond this limited availability, the new text also raises thorny questions about data confidentiality. Although the page content is coded locally, Google understands that its teams can access the queries and results to improve its AI models. What about GDPR compliance for European users? Clubic was unable to access this feature on Google Chrome Canary, which likely means that at the time of publishing this article, users affected by the GDPR do not have access to this functionality, and that Google is considering adapting it to European rules.

This is a disturbing admission for the most cautious, and it revives fears of increased monitoring of browsing habits under the guise of technological innovation. Google's transparency stands in contrast to recent controversies surrounding Copilot, but the balance remains delicate between expediency and respect for privacy.

Analysis of this new document provides important clarifications. On the one hand, we better understand the key role of the Gemini AI model, which Google is already using in other services, to support this improved historical search.
On the other hand, the text highlights Google's efforts to improve the display and organization of history, with new options for grouping by date and a more descriptive display of the data collected.

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However, it appears that these improvements are still under development and are only available to a few Canary users. Deploying a beta should be the next logical step.

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