GoPro presents the HERO10 in black

GoPro today announced a new groundbreaking action camera for its lineup, and HERO10 BLACK. The main update for the camera is a file New internal processor called GP2, which enables significant improvements in image quality and video capture, including 5.3K revolution recording at up to 60 fps, increased 4K video capture at up to 120 fps, and 2.7K video at 240 fps, enabling the capabilities of Unusual slow motion.

The new HERO10 Black also delivers better still photos, with 23.6MP capture and improved low-light performance, also applicable to video. Here 3D noise reduction is applied so that night scenes have much less grain. The improved processing capabilities of the GP2 chip also mean that the GoPro software interface and on-camera software are generally much easier to use.

Another feature made possible by the new processor is HyperSmooth version 4.0, i.e. GoPro technology delivers swivel-like stability across software. HyperSmooth was already impressive in previous versions, but according to initial tests, it turned out to be great on this new generation of cameras. HERO10 also includes Horizon leveling Updated, which obscures the horizon even when the camera is tilted up to 45 degrees in either direction.

The GoPro HERO10 includes a front screen and a rear touch screen, with better frame rates on the front selfie screen. The new lens hood has a waterproof treatment to improve its wetness and works with existing media modes, exposure adjustments, and lighting adjustments for GoPro cameras. It can also act as a ready-to-use webcam, with support for fast charging With the ability to transfer wired content to a smartphone or other device, as well as cloud uploading and wireless transfer.

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TheSuperView Lens, which offers wider angle capture and will be available in new 5.3K 30/25/24 FPS capture modes when the November 16 firmware update arrives. This will also provide support for the GoPro Mod’s Max lens, as well as the following additional capture modes:

• 5K 4: 3 24 fps
• 4K 4: 3 30/25/24 fps
• 5.3 KB 24 fps
• 1080 24 fps

The GoPro HERO10 camera is now available, Priced at €529 or €429 with a subscription to GoPro services from €49.90 per year.

The company will continue to offer the GoPro HERO9 Black and HERO8 Black along with the HERO10, at lower prices, as well as its MAX 360 action camera.

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