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Do you remember Mariangela, the daughter of the famous accountant Fondosi? About 27 years ago, his life changed dramatically: you can’t imagine what he does today.

Remember Mariangela, the daughter of accountant Fantozzi? Here today after many years. Photo source: YouTube

It was a real cult in the late 90s Accountant Fantozzi. The famous Pavlo Villagio played the role of an employee who, unfortunately, was constantly chased by misfortune. Unfortunately, not every action he took was successful. This certainly provoked the reaction of his audience. Even now, years and years have passed since the last film of Good Fantasy and his character is remembered with great affection.

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To make Accountant Fantozzi’s adventures even better, however, there were two women: Bina, the clerk’s wife, and Mariangela, His only daughter. Do you remember both of them? How to forget them, you are right! However, on the one hand we know that the character of the good Ugo’s wife is the famous Milena Vogodik, who recently starred in Dancing with the Stars, and on the other hand we know that the character of Mariangela was played by the great Plino Fernando. There. Speaking of him, did you know that his life has changed dramatically in about 27 years? Let’s find out something more.

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She played the role of Mariangela, the daughter of accountant Fondosi: What are you doing today? Tough results

He played the role Marianzella, daughter of accountant Fantozzi. Also, in the blink of an eye, he won the frenzy of curiosity. However, are you curious to know what it does today? After confirming that his character was played by Plino Fernando, a beloved and famous actor, are you curious to know what he is doing today?

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As we said before, about 27 years ago, the life of Plinyo Fernando changed drastically. According to what I learned from the web, in fact, exactly in 1994, the actor finally said goodbye to the world of acting, so it seemed that he had to dedicate himself to cinema, sculpture and painting. In fact, he has been dedicating himself in recent years to this discipline.

Mariangela Fondosi
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In short, a drastic decision that we can clearly understand. On the other hand, it causes a response that really impresses him.

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