Grand Theft Auto-style heist in the GTA production house

A Rockstar employee stole the company: over € 54,000 in hardware and accessories, a car and an iPhone

(Image: Rockstar)

Steal as many items from the office as possible, then get a smartphone, run out of the monthly credit card limit in your memory, steal a car and run. Sounds like an oddball description Task Gta Instead, it is a list of what Toronto police have charged in Canada for a thirty-year-old citizen of Oakville, not far from the provincial capital of Ontario. But that’s not all: the aforementioned office is Rockstar’s local division office, specifically the series’ developers Grand Theft Auto.

The facts have happened From December 24, 2020 and January 23, 2021For nearly a month, crimes that began on Christmas Eve and ended in arrest. Chapter 1 of the “Mission” of the fraudster employee is shot at 586 Argus Road in Oakville, Rockstar’s Canadian headquarters, where they mainly work Game transform It was developed by other departments in the studio or by internal video capture software. In the past, Rockstar Games Toronto has actively collaborated on titles like the Warriors In 2005, Max Payne 3 In 2011 and above all Red Dead Redemption 2 In 2018.

The role of the thirty-year-old protagonist was not revealed, but it was calculated that Stolen materials from the community – Equipment & Hardware Accessories – On Dec. 24 alone, the surprising figure was $ 66,000, even About 54,000 euros.

A rather important burglary, which did not remain an isolated case. In January she was actually guilty of mail theft and two jackets. Like any self-respecting video game, inside each jacket’s pockets there’s a new gadget to continue the mission. At first – it was stolen inside a dental clinic – I found Prof. A pair of Kia Rondo keys And in the second a iPhone con un account Apple PayWhich he immediately sold for over $ 5,000, 4,100 euros around.

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Police are now trying to return the stolen goods to their rightful owners, but who knows if confidential information about upcoming Rockstar titles will come out in the next few weeks – above all, Gta 6 – From the stolen items.

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