Season 3.5 update is coming, Strange Area Name –

We are now in the third season Fall guys Fans have been waiting for new content for 7 weeks. Some new features in the multiplayer game come and go today The update is dedicated to Season 3.5. The weird part of this update is the perfect Fall Guys style, name chosen by the community.

The Official name Fall Guys Season 3.5 update in its original language, “Stop with yeats, name anything else, don’t just add the word yeats, please I beg you“No, this is not a joke, you can find it at the bottom of the tweet. Translation:” Stop using Eat, give it another name, do not add the word Yeat, I beg you. ”

Yeat“A popular word on the internet, it’s popular with a wine video. It means” throwing something with great force “, which is sometimes used as a simple surprise of amusement.Big Yeats“,” Yeat “is an internal reminiscence of the word game.

But let’s talk about the real news dedicated to Fall Guys Season 3.5. It will be A new level, more than forty variations to existing levels, The introduction of a new “fall feed”, which refers in real time to players who have been eliminated from a tournament. In addition, new DLCs and new outfits dedicated to Godzilla, Sonic and Goose Game will be coming in the coming weeks.

Will Fall Guys Come to Xbox and Game Boss? Yes to Xbox, but Devolver calls Satan and denies it.

Veronica Tucker

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