Graulhet. “Summer Streets” never lose hope in its summer festival

The Rues d’été association is pleased to announce that the “Rues d’été” festival will take place from 2 to 4 July (if there is no government declaration against it), still in the heart of Graulhet, at the Place de Jordaan.

Sanitary restrictions are better than the Rues d’hiver edition, but the Graulhétoise Association does not despair of organizing the Rues de Printemps.

Meanwhile, the entire team is focusing their energy on developing the Summer Festival. An appointment was already set using Five Toes, with Spectralex plus Mattatoio Sospeso in an aerial dance duo. Portron Portron Lopez will be sharing his musical world while “les Pieds tanqués” by the town of Graulhet.

The Summer Streets 2020 edition had to be moved to the fall for health reasons, but it was nonetheless a real success. Once again this year, the team will ensure that health requirements are met while maintaining their strength in support of live performance and festival organization.

The Collegiate Church of Rues d’été continues to vigorously defend the idea that culture is essential, that it nourishes and brings together. A primary need for participation, in a context where social and physical distancing as well as virtual reality are the keywords. The smiles and moments of happiness that live performances generate are the drivers of the association. Engines lead them directly to this new version.

As every year, Rues d’été is looking for volunteers and invites anyone interested to devote a little bit of their time before or during the festival to contact: [email protected] or 07 49 77 35 38

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Meanwhile, the doors of the annual general assembly to be held on Sunday May 9 on the banks of the Dadu River are wide open to all who wish.

So meet 11:30 am at the Jean Raymond cul-de-sac (under the pool) in Graulhet (if sanitation permits).

Information: newsletter at [email protected] or on Facebook.

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