Mobile application to alert residents of ongoing treatments in the vineyards

Chemical treatments in vines, and work in progress, communication can sometimes be stormy between residents and wine growers. The high-tech initiative of the Gironde Chamber of Agriculture and the Professional Board for Bordeaux Wine (CIVB) aims to restore “Peaceful and constructive dialogue»And a relationship of trust between the two parties. The idea? A free mobile app, with the somewhat barbarian name “BVE 33”, but its abbreviation reveals a more humane message, which is Bien Vivre Ensemble en Gironde (33).

Users will be notified in real time by notification of the status of plots located within 400 meters of their location. It is up to vineyards to report when a phytosanitary product is spilled or that exploitation work (pruning, harvesting, etc.) is taking place on their vineyards. “Desire for transparency in the agricultural world towards citizens»Explains CIVB, but it is also a reliable and standardized channel of communication and information among farmers. BVE 33 is also a preemptive tool against meteorological hazards such as frost or floods. A multifaceted benefit that definitely deserves worldwide use.

The BVE 33 app is available on GooglePlay / Android and Apple Store.

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