GTA San Andreas VR is reportedly still in development

If there’s one title that we might think has fallen into the abyss, it’s GTA San Andreas VR. Mark Zuckerberg himself announced during Meta Connect in 2021 that Rockstar Games’ cult title for Meta Virtual Reality headsets has since been kept very tight-lipped, but it seems development hasn’t been abandoned.

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GTA San Andreas VR is reportedly still in development for Meta Quest

While many players thought the project was dead and buried after Meta's radio silence since its announcement nearly three years ago, GTA San Andreas VR is being talked about again via a comment on YouTube Which will put the water back in the mill. In fact, an Internet user could have posted a comment in a video explaining the new content for Racket Club. Obviously, there is no connection to GTA San Andreas for that.

GTA San Andreas VR Game – YouTube Comment

The teaser comment is as follows (translated into French from English): “Meta, do you have any idea if San Andreas VR has a release date or if it has been cancelled? » It was probably a bottle thrown into the sea and the writer of this comment probably did not expect any response from Meta.

But the official account of MetaQuestVR responded with the following statement: : “Hello! Actually, we don't have a specific release date yet, but we are working on it!”

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What should we understand from this response?

Although MetaQuestVR's response was deleted shortly after, “the damage was done.” It didn't take long for people to screenshot and reshare the exchange on their networks, such as Evidence that the game is still in development..But what is it really?

As we told you, the MetaQuestVR comment was quickly deleted. Some might argue that this was to avoid leaking any information about the GTA San Andreas VR mode.

However, withdrawing this comment may also mean that the CM (Community Manager) of MetaQuest gave a somewhat hasty response.And that he deleted it to avoid having the company say what was not said. So, even if we get a response from Meta, it still has no absolute value, and Better to wait for clear formalization. From Mark Zuckerberg's company to start the excitement.

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