Traun City Gallery brings local artworks to the curtain

TRAUN. Traun City Gallery has been closed for weeks. All that remains is to look inside through the front of the window. Now is the time to focus on the many pieces of art in the heart of the city.

Consciously or unconsciously, this art in public spaces accompanies our daily lives: sculptures, sculptures, wall engravings and fountains that have found a place in the city center ostensibly through “art in buildings,” but also as loans and donations. Some of the information and playful flashes of thought create a whole new perspective on these silent contemporary witnesses.

“The Traun City Gallery launches the #kunstimvisier online series ‘Art in Sight’, which embarks on an artistic discovery journey through Traun with weekly Facebook posts and contributions on the Traun home page. We warmly invite you to come with us, ” said Gallery Director Alexandra Wolf Digitier. “.

Water Guardian

The Water Ranger looks majestic above the water in front of Tron Castle. The colossal bronze statue was created in 1999 by artist Ingeborg Kuba, who was born in Traun in 1929. This fountain statue was originally chosen as the focal point of the new main square in Traun. After being redesigned due to a tramway, it was planned into the newly designed moat in front of Tron Castle.

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