Habbo is back!

I miss days Runescape And the Sims Online ? They crawled It offers you the opportunity to go back in time without having to resort to any Delorean products.

Pixel art still resists the invaders. A must for video games From the 1980s to the 1990s, this visual art recalls a time when the video game scene had to be limited by technical limitations that no longer have any reason to exist today. At this time, graphics The Secret of Monkey Island, Another Life or holes (a real event upon its release due to Steven Spielberg's involvement) They were at the peak of what this medium could offer.

How can we explain today the success of works such as Owl or East ? There are several factors behind this comeback, but one of them seems to be nostalgia for another era. After the 1980s, the 2000s became the new period of return to fashion. Which may explain the return of an online game that is more than 20 years old: Habu Hotel.

Go back in time

This Finnish surname conquered the rest of the world around the same time as its phenomenon A second life He controlled the media. Closer to the concept of a chat room than to the MMORPGs of the time, these two creations offered a huge number of users the opportunity to communicate online at the same time, create their own avatars and explore the world around them in interaction with the rest of the world. the society. Habu Hotel However it popped out A second life By offering mini-games, role-playing, and other fun activities.

And then back to the interface star Academyl Secret story or Tokyo hotelIt is the turn of these other remnants of the stadiums of the beginning of the millennium to resurface from the past. Origins of Habu Hotel It provides the opportunity for the more nostalgic among us to take another look at a replica that recalls the first version of the game, even its website. No more need to Wayback machine To travel to the Internet's past, it comes to you now.

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