When virtual reality breaks barriers of disability

parallel universe

Florian, 11, sits in front of the screen, headphones pressed to her head, immersed in a parallel world. Great Barrier Reef in the Philippines. However, the central character is her. “My legs were in the air, it's impressive and magical.”“, describes the little girl.

Escape guaranteed

Aside from the fun nature, virtual reality is being tested in some nursing homes. This is the case with the center Albisia, Seagull, in Mitat. Very good feedback from residents. “Virtual reality allows residents to escape, to find themselves on top of the Egyptian pyramids without leaving their room.”“, explains Samuel Sonnet enthusiastically, in full display.

Although efforts still need to be made, digital cinema has made progress in terms of inclusion. In Annecy, the Turbine Cinema offers audio description sessions. “Le Rabelais, in Meythet, also offers us headphones to follow the film.”, Details of Leon Liban, visually impaired, and member of the Valentin Hui Association. Next year, the Annecy International Animation Film Festival will have a section for the visually impaired.

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