Hackers stole 10 billion passwords: Check if yours is and what you should do now

The discovery of this large number of stolen passwords is the latest example in a series of large-scale data breaches.

In recent years, cyber security has become an increasingly relevant topic, even for users who are not normally interested in such issues. An ever-increasing number of attacks and breaches have put personal and corporate data at risk. there Password protectionIn particular, there is One of the major concerns for users and professionals in this field. In an ever-changing landscape, it's important to stay updated on new threats and know how to protect yourself effectively.

A collection of nearly ten billion unique passwords has been leaked on the hacker forum Cellulari.it

In this regard, a recent incident rocked the cybersecurity world, highlighting the vulnerability of many people and organizations. This story has already been defined by many One of the biggest data leaks in computer historyRaised serious concerns about password management and the potential consequences of a large-scale breach.

The biggest password hack in history

A huge database of nearly ten billion unique passwords was recently leaked on a popular hacking forum. This collection, “Raku2024“, representing the largest password collection ever seen 10 billion passwords exposed. This file was posted on Jul 4, 2024 by ObamaCare forum user.

RockYou2024's discovery highlights the importance of Cellulari.it taking preventative measures to protect personal data

Cybernews researchers discovered the leak and warned it was replicating A serious risk for users who reuse the same passwords on multiple sites. The leaked passwords came from more than 4,000 databases collected over two decades and included real login information used by people around the world. This makes the package very dangerous. Credential stuffing increases the risk of attacksCybercriminals use a combination of usernames and passwords to access various online accounts.

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Credential stuffing incidents can have devastating consequences for users and businesses. has been talked about a lot lately Attacks against well-known companies such as Santander and Ticketmaster: Criminals used leaked credentials to gain unauthorized access to victims' cloud services.

To protect yourself from RockYou2024, it is important to take some security measures. First, it is necessary Immediately reset all associated account passwords For leaked evidence. It is recommended to use strong and unique passwords for each account, avoid reusing it on multiple sites. Enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) is another important step because it adds an extra layer of verification beyond a password. Additionally, using password management software can help you create strong passwords and store them securely, reducing the risk of reuse.

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