Halo Infinite: Physical copies that already exist in nature, watch out for spoilers! | Xbox One

Only 9 days after the release of infinite aura, news about the game is only intensifying, whether it’s about the multiplayer that’s free to play for two weeks or the first glimpses of the game’s campaign. In fact, some influencers can have access to the campaign for a few days, but some physical specimens have also been seen in the wild.

Distribution to distributors imminent

While select influencers have been able to venture ahead of the Zeta halo and create content around the Halo news, the general public will have to wait for the multiplayer game before the full title is officially released on December 9, the first day in Xbox Game Pass.

However, a user on Reddit shared an image showing the physical version of the game in his hands. Thus, the first copies of the game are already out in the wild, certainly through authorized dealers or employees working on the franchise.

However, doubts remain about the operability of these versions since access to the campaign and its patch were blocked until December 8. It is possible that these players will not be able to launch the game beforehand, either online or offline. If so, then internet connection will be mandatory to start the campaign. The campaign introductory video is already visible online, we advise you to be careful if you want to avoid any spoilers.

In any case, the developers are still asking players for a little patience to discover the new adventures of John-117 that will arrive on December 8th on Xbox Series X, Series S, Xbox One and PC as well as in Xbox Game Pass.

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