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After the accused rumors Resizing From Myth And one of the problems encountered in the course of the development of playground games Senior Producer Of the British team Intervened To make some explanations on Twitter.

Although not accurately responding to the rumors circulating yesterday with unconfirmed and unprecedented evidence in terms of authenticity, Amy (which is the name of the senior producer on Twitter) liked Explain some aspects of development Study analysis of the game, especially the project.

“I wanted to clarify something about him Study study: This is a natural, essential and healthy part of game development and I can guarantee that any Triple A title you play will pass the process without fail. Scooping During the development, “the playground developer wrote.

“The purpose is to ensure that the whole team is focused on a single clear vision and that they can feel it without killing themselves. Games that do not go exactly through these stages often end with delays and crises. Avoid what we want.”

So this is not a question of one Denial Directed to the rumors announced yesterday, but the explanation of some of the stages of development required to ensure the health of the project and the development team confirms that the work is progressing as planned in any case. In this case, “scooping” is a process that is carried out from time to time during the development of a game, especially in large-scale production, with the intention of performing an analysis based on the content or time to be included. Available jobs and resources, often to avoid delays or crises or to seek alternative technical solutions.

After looking at several articles with alarm tones that came out in the last few hours, the producer wanted to start it. Quiet signal It is generally good for single developers to avoid getting caught up in rumors about gossip without responding directly to qualifications.

Veronica Tucker

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