Comino GRANDO RM-S Liquid-Cooled Workstation Review – € 37,000 Computer tested

an introduction

Comino launched in 2017 and has sold more than 2,000 workstations with a common theme of liquid cooling, and its refrigeration controllers allow these systems to operate. Nous avons d’abord jeté un coup d’œil à la marque au Computex 2019 avec le châssis unique Comino Otto SFF et les blocs d’eau CPU et GPU conçus par Comino, fabriqués avec l’espace et l’efficaiscité de refroid ‘spirit. The fully integrated Otto also wowed us with its innovative cooling, which combined the best aftermarket heat dissipation for hardware labs and custom cold panels to deliver plenty of gaming and computing power in a compact 13-liter form, but Otto is just one of many Comino’s with its bread and butter world stations Work and servers. Takes GRANDO Forensic . Series, for example, which is specifically designed with data decryption and password recovery in mind. That brings us to the more general use case of customizable hardware for heavy duty consumer and power user loads, and today we’re looking at Comino’s GRANDO RM line.



While the Otto is aimed at home users and the GRANDO Forensic for data recovery, the Comino GRANDO RM line doesn’t stand out due to the range’s highly customizable nature. There are currently two platforms, the GRANDO RM V2-L and RM V2-S, where the letters L and S stand for Long and Short, and I’ll call them GRANDO RM-L and RM-S for convenience. . RM-L allows for more cooling and also supports more devices, targeting only data science, graphics developers, game rendering, or servers. The common theme remains liquid cooling, which is why you see me covering the system. The GRANDO RM-S that we’ll be reviewing today is quite limited in physical space, but it still has plenty of power to challenge even some computing ensembles, as you’ve discovered. Comino has presented TechPowerUp with a customized version of the GRANDO RM-S that goes beyond the usual offerings with AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995WX processor and four NVIDIA RTX-A6000 GPUs, which are by far the most powerful system I’ve had my hands on, too. Thanks to Comino for providing TechPowerUp with this opportunity!

Comino GRANDO RM-S System Specifications Provided
maker: Comino
Model : Grando RM V2-S
framework: Dedicated Comino Server Container
Healer: AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995WX
64 cores, 128 threads
2.7GHz base (4.2GHz boost)
cooling: Whole system liquid cooling loop
Comino GPU WCB for NVIDIA RTX A6000, Cu-Steel (x4)
Comino WCB CPU for AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995WX, Cu-Steel
Motherboard: AMD WRX80
The operating system : Windows 10 Professional 64-bit + Ubuntu
custom scheme: NVIDIA RTX A6000 (x4)
4x DisplayPort 1.4
PCIe generation 4×16
memory: 32 GB ECC DDR4 (x8)
CL 20-19-19-43 @ 2600MHz
Storage: AORUS 2 SSD to NVMe Gen 4 M.2
Samsung PM1733 2.5″ U.2 7.68TB Enterprise Solid State Drive
Can : Comino Energy 750 Watt SFX Platinum (3 Pieces)
guarantees: 1 to 5 years
PSDF: €37,000 (incl. VAT) as tested

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