Has the PS5 become a poor console with the First Amendment?

Sony launched a marketing campaign last week Modified version of the PlayStation 5 Identification code denoted by CFI-1102A. In the absence of official references, we had to wait for the comments of early adopters to find news of a new iteration of the next gen console.

We told you a few days ago about being Different PS5 position, Characterized by low weight and without a screwdriver fitted with a screw. Apparently the message goes deep under the lid of the console. Expert Austin Evans disassembled the console and discovered a presence Significantly smaller heatsink (Weighs almost 300 grams) And a New WiFi chip Problems identified by some players at the beginning of the console should be solved on paper.

Evans and his colleague conclude by resolving their analysis The new PS5 model is poorer than the original, Small heatsink, which reduces the overall weight of the console but does not reduce heat with the same performance associated with the same chip. Accordingly, according to their sources CFI-1102A heats up further. Both experts recalled the story of the PlayStation 3 updates, a console that they say is steadily deteriorating with each new hardware upgrade created by Sony.

“The first real PS5 update we’ve seen in less than a year can undoubtedly be considered an A Degradation of the original console, at least in terms of temperature and cooling “Evans explains. At the top of this message you will see the complete video analysis, while below you can see the significant difference between the two heat sinks (old on the left and new on the right).

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Update at 13:00 – Austin Evans’ comments came to the attention of the Digital Foundry editorial board, who – after praising the analysis as excellent – Contacted Sony Seeks explanations of engineering choices based on this conclusion. We are waiting for the communication from the Japanese manufacturer.

Veronica Tucker

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