Have I met your crush in PUBG Mobile? You can win something by telling your story

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Love can already be felt in the environment and the Day of Love and Friendship is approaching. PUBG Mobile wants to celebrate it very much with its community. That is why he has prepared contests and events to pamper them.

It will be the first activity that PUBG Mobile will celebrate Valentine’s Day of Friendship with special mechanisms ever. In them, they will ask their community to tell their love story or friendship story related to PUBG Mobile.

So, if you have an anecdote like the one that met your crush in PUBG Mobile or reconnected with a friend through Battle Royale, share it in this post on Facebook (you can also do this on Instagram). With this, you can win prizes up to 1200 currency units.

Have fun with Compadres Royale

Didn’t you like this contest? Well, you should pay attention to Royal Compadres. This is a duo tournament where VIP players participate with their partner, best friend, or crush.

Prices for Compadres Royale will be 4 phones OnePlus Nord N10 5G; 2 BSG Gemini headphones and 4 Compadres Royale sets.

If you want to watch this tournament, know that you can do so from the official PUBG Mobile channels on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

And you, what do you think of this way to celebrate these dates? Tell us in the comments.

PUBG Mobile is available for iOS and Android. You can read more about Battle Royale mobile by clicking here.

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