He steals the proceeds from Ostellato distributor La Nueva Ferrara

Hosted by Customers at a gas station chase down a thief fleeing with the proceeds, stopping him and preventing the theft. It happened on Monday afternoon, around 4.30 pm, in the service area IP distributor, along Provincial Road 1 to Ostellato, is managed by Barbara Zattoni and her husband Michael Stella. An almost movie-like scene, thankfully with a happy ending.


On Monday, among other cars, some already stopped for refueling and some queuing up for service, a car arrived. Volkswagen Golf In glossy black (new model), with two forty year olds. “The passenger was sitting behind the driver – explains Barbara Jattoni, the owner of the IP distributor -; the car stopped in front of the pump 4 that is offered to you. My husband approached and told both of them that if they wanted to save money, they could go to the self-service pump. But the man, with an eastern accent, said that he wanted to serve replied He asked for 50 euro fuel, expecting a payment note”. At that time, “my husband maneuvered him and told him to turn back to position the car on the right side of the tank, and I pointed to the amount indicated on the dispenser. We were both back to the office.”

When Michele Stella turned around, she saw a figure coming down the office stairs. “I asked him if he needed it – continues Stella – and the man, 1.80 meters tall and with a strong build He replied by telegram “already done”. He started walking towards me. At the same time, “one of our customers, a very kind foreigner, to whom we will not stop thanking – Michael Stella from Pump 2 – who, under the green shirt, walked away, said that he was hiding. Something.”

Thus begins a running chase, in which Giacomo Legnani, the son of the owner's cousin, also takes part, and queues at a petrol station. The golf car is still refueling at the service area. «They stopped him To the bell jar, just ahead here – adds the petrol station attendant – but he escaped again and advanced towards the petrol station where his accomplice was, but here too three customers intervened to stop him, at that time the car n the bag he had hidden under his shirt. It contained wallets, plant and house keys.” In one lightning move the thief was able to fill up with fuel and rush out into the golf course, the two speeding off towards the sea with the door open.


The couple has already lodged a complaint with the Ostellato police station, which has initiated an investigation. After the incident with a happy ending, the owners thanked all the customers who, with undaunted courage and a sense of unity «all tried to stop the thief. And A gesture of great humanity and philanthropy – complete spouses and gas station companions -; One of them is from Comacchio, another is an employee of Cipro, and then there is the foreign guy who has perfect instincts. All contributed to prevent theft. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts. They are special.” Meanwhile, investigations continue to identify those responsible for the attempted attack on the gas station. Cameras are installed A short distance from the service area, on provincial road 1 to Ostellato, they can provide useful answers to the investigators.

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