Heekerin creates virtual worlds in Cologne

Heck, Monster, Cologne, Milan, Helsinki: Caroline Schapping has already seen a little of the world. This 30-year-old, who answers a question about her job with “Spatial Rendering and Multimedia Designer”, is currently working on virtual worlds.

But even then it was a long way to go for Heeker, who regularly visits her homeland. She originally left him to train as a designer in Münster. Then he continued studying in Cologne at the International School of Design. This was followed by assignments abroad in Helsinki and Milan, where she worked on a project for the European Space Agency (ESA).

She is currently in the final stages of her master’s degree. The topic at stake is also the play, which has now celebrated its first show in Cologne and can be watched again on July 16.

Not an ordinary play

Where: “to see” is not exactly the correct term. Because it is far from a classic play with actors on stage and the audience in front of it. “We let the audience create the picturesque space,” says Carolyn Schaping. What it means: ‘Visitors’ are not only part of the ‘experience’, they also influence it.

But let’s start from the beginning: anyone who has booked a slot and gets to the venue must first fill out a digital form. It’s not just about data like age or size, it’s about the digital footprint. Because the results of searches for images, text or social media data are included in the virtual world.

With this in mind, AI “Aria” then creates a 20-minute experience in virtual reality. Visitors are required to sit in a separate room and get virtual reality glasses and headphones. “The larger the digital footprint, the more intense the experience,” says Carolyn Chapping. Each experience was different, and the first feedback was consistently positive.

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A project with a serious background

But is it “just” a demonstration art project for the course? Or does designer and co-projector Lisa Peter want to get a message across? Indeed, according to Caroline Schapping, the play addresses a very important question: Where is digitization leading us? Will there be a digital version of us? What about the virtual afterlife?

The big questions that Caroline Schapping will continue to address in the future – especially in her new home in Cologne. But in the middle, it can also be found in Heek. Not by default, but in reality.

Tickets and more information about Homepeage projects (www.try-emis-now.com)

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