New trailer reveals gameplay

IO Interactive just released another trailer in support of Hitman 3’s PSVR, less than two weeks before the game’s full release.

A new Hitman 3 trailer on PlayStation VR gives you a detailed introduction to the vast world of virtual reality assassinations. PSVR owners will be able to experience the acclaimed first-person stealth action, right through the eyes of Agent 47.

Hitman 3 PSVR: In the shoes of the famous Bald Killer

The trailer gives you a better insight into VR support for the action game. While watching the trailer, you’ll find that virtual reality support is dramatically changing the Hitman 3 experience. For the first time, you are playing 47- Islamic women And use of motion controls More realistic experience.

The player will see himself aiming his weapons, using melee attacks, pulling corpses and more with his hand. However, the game uses DualShock 4 for motion tracking. The development team has not implemented support for the Move controllers. So don’t expect two controls in this game.

An opportunity to recreate previous sections of the game in virtual reality

One of the advantages of this third part in virtual reality is Ability to import Hitman levels 1 and 2 Inside the game. This means if you own these games, you will be able to revisit them in virtual reality as well.

Hitman 3 will be officially launched in January 20. For now, VR support is Exclusively for the PSVR version. Therefore, you will need to own the PS4 version of the game to use it, even if you are playing on PS5. In fact, IO Interactive included the latest generation version with purchases on PS5. A Sony PSVR adapter will of course also be required to be able to play the game in VR on PS5.

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Sadly, it looks like support for VR will be exclusive to PlayStation, at least for now. PC gamers will have to wait and see if they can plug in their headphones and wear the red Agent 47 tie.

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