Here are the new Android features that will come without having to install Android 12

Here are 6 new Android features that will be rolled out to hundreds of millions of users without having to install Android 12. In the list: Android Auto, Messages, Emojis, Google Assistant…

This is the advantage of Android over iOS. Google’s operating system does not necessarily need a major update to introduce new features. In fact, it is enough to update a file play services And some apps straight from the Play Store to unlock new features for hundreds of millions of devices around the world. For the summer of 2021, Google introduced six new features related to earthquakes, messages, emojis, voice control, passwords, and Android Auto.


This is the state of a new feature to alert you as soon as possible of an earthquake. As you probably know, the vast majority of smartphones have an accelerometer. Google decided to use it to turn your smartphone into a small seismometer and thus create a global earthquake early warning system. The feature was first rolled out in California, then Oregon and Washington, and the feature rolled out in New Zealand and Greece in April.

Today, the “Android Earthquake Warning System” has been launched in Turkey, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. When deploying the feature, Google prioritizes countries with a high earthquake risk, but intends to offer the service in more and more regions over the next few years.

Favorite message function

Here’s a new feature of Google’s in-house SMS app: Finally Favorite function, so that messages that are especially important in the conversation can be highlighted without having to scroll through a long list of messages to find them. All messages marked with an asterisk can be found in their own new category. Google wants to roll out the feature gradually over the next few weeks, so watch your smartphone.

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This summer, Google Messages will be enriched by adding end-to-end encryption for all users as well as bookmarkable messages.
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Contextual suggestion for personal emoji is coming…but not in France

keyboard emoji kitchen The Gboard It was introduced several months ago and can be used to create your own emoji designs with more than 14,000 combinations. There are now contextual suggestions Using the current beta version of the keyboard as soon as you type the message. The feature is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese on smartphones running Android 6.0 and above. Unfortunately, we will have to wait to get it in French.

While waiting for the release of Android 12, Google has announced a slew of new features for its operating system, scheduled for this summer. This would be especially the case for personalized emoji suggestions, as well as app control…
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Control more apps by voice

Google Voice Control now supports more specific apps or tasks within new apps. For example, you can now use the Google Assistant to see how many miles are covered inside diet.

It is not only the Google Assistant that is also receiving new features because the voice control of the smartphone has also been fully extended, which was developed for people with mobility impairments. The feature called “Voice Access” can now be configured to be active only when the smartphone is being viewed live. In addition, the voice input of passwords has been revised so that commands such as “capital letter and password” or “euro sign” are now recognized correctly and entering “€” instead of the words “euro sign”.

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Android Auto in dark mode whenever you want

Finally, Android Auto is also undergoing a revamp and now allows you to configure the launcher directly on the smartphone. In addition, the dark mode can now be activated manually regardless of the time of day. There are now new tabs for multimedia applications, a “Back to start” button and an “A to Z” button in the slider to simplify overall usability. There are also charging, parking and navigation apps designed specifically for electric vehicles and they are now available in Android Auto. In the field of correspondence, Apps like WhatsApp can now be launched directly from the launcher. New Android Auto features are available for smartphones from Android 6.0, so there is no need for Android 12 to take advantage of them.

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