Swisscom’s migration to Sunrise has begun. Cautious!

UPC Mobile de Swisscom à Sunrise UPC.
UPC Mobile de Swisscom à Sunrise UPC.

Over the next few weeks, UPC Mobile customers will have to leave Switzerland’s top mobile network, the Swisscom network, only to have to switch back to the American Sunrise UPC network, sometimes followed by the Salt network. Beware of disappointments and programmed problems…

“To be able to take advantage of the network benefits as quickly as possible, make sure that the selection of the operator in the network settings of your device is of course automatic,” according to an SMS received by some of them on June 10 already. , according to an SMS from Sunrise UPC, which even promises a small gift.

Problems on the horizon?

In some cases, especially in border areas, this setting may cause foreign operators to cross, if roaming is not deactivated on the device or in its customer area settings. So be careful what you do… You can never be too careful with these kinds of details…

Second, all networks have their strengths and weaknesses. Among the migrated clients, some will find the Sunrise UPC network better and some not. In this case, feel free to finish as soon as possible and study the offers of alternative operators using Swisscom antennas, such as Wingo in particular.

Two year adventure

After closing the door of salt, UPC has provided its customers with the premium services of the Swisscom mobile network since January 2019. After subscribing to Sunrise by UPC, for obvious reasons and above all cost, approximately 280,000 UPC Mobile customers will be migrated to the Sunrise UPC Mobile Network.

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UPC Mobile customers will be migrated over several weeks to the Sunrise UPC Mobile Network. The migration will be performed automatically for private clients via an “over the air” update, according to A Press release It aired at the beginning of the week.

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