Here come the hot ski poles

Equipped with a button that recognizes the touch of a gloved hand, Magnitude X lets you choose between four temperature levels

The temperatures in Quebec are so cold that they drove friends who love the white slope to see if the products can do that and which ones Make it easier to get off by ensuring some warmth. The search that resulted Magnetude XAnd the Heated ski poles That allow you Choose from four preset levelsVia a button on the back of the body, which recognizes touch even if the hand is wearing gloves.

Thanks to the lithium battery, it can heat up the element for up to 5.5 hours, while the wand remains light overall and its handle is not too bulky. Goal by Olivier Breton, Philippe Domuchel and Olivier Dubois, the trio behind Magnetode Sport It is to create useful tools to allay skiers’ concerns about extremely cold temperatures before or during skiing. Who is interested in the project, Who is the A pair of hot sticks can be reserved for a charge 200 euros, With the shipping costs included to Italy and the delivery date set as of next October.

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