Jerome Rothen talks about Ravinia and his best position

Jerome Ruthen, former midfielder for Paris Saint-Germain (between 2004 and 2010) and the French national team (13 choices), and in particular today a sports advisor, has been invited before the team To tour the profile of Rafinha, the 28-year-old current Paris Saint-Germain midfielder. Thus he points to what he considers the best center for the Brazilian.

“I think we got the best from Ravinia as a left midfielder. At the age of 10, he’s going to be touching fewer balls than if he were pushed back a bit. It reminds me, in some ways, of David Silva when he played for Manchester City. These are the players who need to hit 90,” 100 balls per game.

Ruthen « He is not as stiff as Verratti at his feet. “

Its location is very important. Too much on one side, it will lack rhythm. On the other hand, at the heart of the game, I’m sure it’s a Verratti alternative. He plays fairly, sees fast, is well ahead and has great passing quality. But he is not as strong as Verratti on his feet. “

Rafinha arrived from Barcelona FC in the final minutes of the 2020 summer transfer window, and quickly found a place in the workforce. The Brazilian player shows above-average technical quality and a certain intelligence in the game, not to mention the constant aggression, offensive and defensive. So it is very helpful in this workforce. Especially since we see that absences can accumulate quickly. Especially in the offensive sector at the moment.

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However, contrary to what Jerome Rothen says, he is capable of playing an attacking midfielder. We have already seen it. A bit like Marco Verratti in this role, he is very free and can really direct the game while he’s at the end of events to try to find the “ultimate transformation, or even pay off. Of course, he can also play less to participate in the recovery, but that’s not necessarily more helpful.” For PSG it depends particularly on the required tactics but also on the other players available At the moment, Paris needs the leader of Rafinha.

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