Here is a first glimpse of Android apps on PC

Windows 11 is preparing to welcome Android apps with the Microsoft Store. While the feature is still in development, screenshots have emerged to reveal what Android apps launched on PC will look like.

Windows 11 has just arrived on compatible PCs. This new version of the operating system includes a host of new features, including an improved Start menu with a search bar. While testing Windows 11, we especially appreciated the updated interface and less cluttered context menu.

Above all, the operating system will be able to Run Android apps on PC. In fact, Microsoft will allow you to install Android apps from the Microsoft Store. For this, the user will have to go to the Amazon AppStore, which is the alternative app store to the Play Store, through the Microsoft Store interface. To get rid of the store, it will also be possible to see the APK files that have been retrieved directly from the web.

Windows 11 will allow you to open multiple windows from the same Android app

At the moment, there are no Android apps available on Windows 11. Prior to the official release of the feature, Screenshots showing the interface of many applications appeared on the web. Relayed by our colleagues from Windows Latest, they show what your Android apps will look like once you run them on your Windows 11 PC.

Android w11 app

In the screenshots, we see apps like WeChat, a very popular and popular instant messaging app in China, and Bilibili, a randomized video sharing platform for anime, manga and video games. These applications appear in a window similar to the one in any program. It will be possibleOpen multiple windows of the same app Simultaneously and receive relevant notifications in the notification center.

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Apparently, Microsoft is currently testing apps on Windows 11 before deploying the feature. Microsoft is committed to offering Android apps on Windows 11 starting in 2022. We’ll tell you more as soon as possible.

Windows 11 Android

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