Microsoft launched a gadget not to be missed: the Xbox Series X mini fridge

The moment you’ve been waiting for is about to come true: Reservations will open on October 19th From the Xbox Series X mini fridge. The cool device made directly by Microsoft looks like one Replica of the console Latest generation with lots of green lights on the top deck and all details are identical to the original. Once the door was opened, they found a space inside Up to 10 cans Instead there is one USB port for electric charging For use with the charger.

As fans know, this is not the first such gadget from the Redmond company, for several months in fact a real refrigerator was created, always an honest clone of the console. The new “mini” version was created in collaboration with Ukonic! will be On sale worldwide from December 2021. The good news is that for once a gadget of this will not only be sold in the United States, but will also be marketed Also in Europe and Italy.

From our side you can find it da Game Stop a €99, while in other European countries it will also be available from Game (UK), Micromania and Tonyk. Perhaps sooner or later it will also arrive on Amazon, although at the moment there is no official news.

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