Here is a fragrant winter flowering plant that will color our balconies during the cold months

Although the summer is over We should not leave a house full of green and colorful flowers. There are many types of plants that not only are very cool, but also bloom in winter. For example, in this caseElleboro Nero, Also known as Christmas Rose. Here is a fragrant winter flowering plant that will color our balconies during the cold months. Although not much known in Italy, Hellborough Black is a great solution for those who do not want to give up color at the end of summer. It is not a bulky plant and although it is very attractive it does not require much care.

Here is a fragrant winter flowering plant that will color our balconies during the cold months

In botany, the first written traces of hellfire date back to the seventeenth century and were written by the French scholar Joseph Pitten de Tourneford. The etymology of the name is probably derived from the intersection of two words of Greek descent. The first is Elin, i.e. to injure, the second Bora, i.e. to feed. The black adjective, on the other hand, is derived from the usual color of its rhizome.

As expected, this is not a large plant. At maximum maturity, it does not exceed a height of 30 cm. It has cut and continuous leaves, which are green with different intensities depending on the color. According to the structure, it is a perennial plant whose flowers can occur at different times of the year. It usually blooms in winter and spring. It is very resistant and capable of flowering even in frost. The flowers are similar to pink, but they are open and white. However, there is no shortage of shades that color the pink and red petals.

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What care does it need

As expected, Black Hell is a plant that does not require much care to grow luxuriously. However, some precautions are necessary. If the soil we want to plant is especially clay, it is best to wait until spring.

As a good winter plant, it prefers to be in the shade, so it is important to avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, as there is a risk of burning. Although it is suitable for a variety of soils, it prefers humus-enriched and well-drained soil. For this it is better to prepare the soil mixed with sand or pebbles, which makes it easier to drain the water. We use these simple rules and there will be lush places even in winter.


This is the perfect plant to give as a gift because it is very low cost and does not require care

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