Seven Mobile Security Tips to Keep Your Device Safe

There was a time when mobile phones were under the radar of cyberattacks. Those times are long gone. Smartphones and tablets can now perform almost every task that a PC does. Both mobiles and the cyber threats against them have undeniably progressed.  Read the main mobile security tips below to keep you out of trouble.

Never Lower Your Guard

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Find out how to keep your phone secure.

Basic Survival Guide

Cyberspace is more dangerous than ever, and new threats come up every day. Still, you can counter most of them with the straightforward tips contained in this section.

Get an Antivirus

Installing an antivirus on our phones wouldn’t make much sense a few years ago. Now, it’s essential. Mobile attacks focus on stealing banking and credit card details, emails, and personal media, such as videos and photos. An antivirus can protect your device from threats coming through wifi networks, browsers, and more.

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Use a VPN

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network, and it provides security for mobile devices, especially when on public wifi. Hackers in the same network can try to intercept your connection with the server and gain access to your accounts. A VPN encrypts the information your mobile exchanges with the server, shielding it from unauthorized third parties.

Create a Seriously Strong Password

Quit the 123456-like passwords for good, along with the terrible one-password-fits-all habit. Countless cybercriminals are out there to get you, and doing so is almost calling for trouble. Strong passwords mix numbers and symbols with capital and small letters. Choosing one password for all your accounts may be tempting if you have too many accounts. However, in doing so, you risk losing access to all your accounts at once.

Stay Updated

Updates are crucial for both operating systems and apps. The primary purpose of updates is to fix glitches and inconsistencies that can be vulnerable to attacks. Those updates also refresh the list of viruses your system can block. Besides, keeping your phone updated will improve its performance substantially.

Resist Jailbreaking

A jailbreak is when a phone is unlocked to access other app stores than the official ones. It means that it can give access to a lot of content that would be paid or simply blocked for you. It may sound tempting, but by doing so, you give up all the protection your Android or iOS system can give you. Fake apps containing malware, spyware, and viruses are common on those “unofficial” app stores.

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Remote Wiping

Remote wiping is a worst-case scenario tool available in some smartphones. It’s one of the top options when searching for “how to save my mobile”. Through this tool, you can erase your phone remotely. If your phone’s got stolen or lost, this option could come in handy since it leaves nothing for the thieves.

Encryption Is the Key

There are other ways to encrypt the information in your phone other than using a VPN. Some are accessible through the security menu, where users can manage the “Touch ID & Passcode” options. Android users must charge their devices to at least 80% to ensure they won’t run out of battery during the encryption process. In this case, all data could be lost.


Mobile safety can’t be neglected any longer. Smartphones can store a lot of sensitive information, from banking details to private files. Keep your mobile device safe with an antivirus, a VPN, and a good dose of common sense.

Veronica Tucker

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