Here is a list of compatible iPhones

As always after announcing a major update to its operating system, Apple has detailed the list of compatible devices. Three iPhones will not upgrade to iOS 16.

Every year, Apple dazzles with the list of devices eligible to download the latest major update. during WWDCThe company naturally lifted the veil on iOS 16, the next update scheduled for the end of the year for the iPhone. in the program, new lock screenUpdates For Apple Pay, Plan, and iMessageAnd the For home automation with Matter. The changes are considered by some to be light, but enough to leave aside old hardware.

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List of iPhones Compatible with iOS 16

Here is a list of iPhones that will have the right to iOS 16.

It can be seen that Apple is abandoning the first generation iPhone SE. In doing so, the brand no longer offers support for the small four-inch screen of this device. The iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 will also remain banned under iOS 15. So two generations at once the company decided not to follow suit. In other words, a “Bionic” Apple chip is now required to use the new version of iOS. It is the first Apple chip to integrate the neural engine circuit of artificial intelligence.

Goodbye iPod Touch

iPod Touch will not receive iOS 16 update. This has been expected since then Apple announces the end of the iPodA collection of products that have marked an entire generation. From now on, iOS is dedicated to the iPhone.

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