Here is the (long) list of Xiaomi phones that you should give a taste of it quickly

While MIUI 13 is expected soon, the list of Xiaomi phones to which it is entitled has been published by a site specializing in Chinese software interface news.

Le Poco M4 Pro.

Poco M4 Pro phone. // Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

The end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 should be marked by many software changes for many smartphone manufacturers. It’s time to pass to Android 12, usually accompanied by a completely new version of the main interface: One UI 4 for Samsung, for example – Already available on some models.

On the Xiaomi side, we are preparing to convert a large number of phones to MIUI 13. Location He really believes in knowing the little name of all the hardware he’s entitled to. However, it is advisable to take a grain of salt: of course, the site seriously follows the news of MIUI, but it is still unknown to our services.

Xiaomi MIUI 13: Which Smartphones Are Eligible?

Spanish media still zataka – Reliable and serious in its handling of news – Taking freedom of quotation from them. based on the elements, a whole bunch of models will be eligible for MIUI 13, without tasting Android 12. Some of them will still be limited to Android 11, but with MIUI 13 at all.

The Pioneer Obviously, the Chinese brand will do nothing. Let’s quote an example Xiaomi Mi 10And Mi 10SAnd Mi 10 ProAnd Mi 10 LiteAnd Mi 10 UltraAnd Mi 10TAnd Mi 10T ProAnd Mi 10T LiteAnd Wednesday 11And Mi 11 UltraAnd We are December 11And Mi 11 LiteAnd Mi 11 Lite 5GAnd Xiaomi 11 TAnd Xiaomi 11T Pro. Same song for tablets Xiaomi 5 . padAnd iPad 5 Pro and the Pad 5 Pro 5G.

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Xiaomi MIUI 13


The Redmi, Redmi K or Poco ranges are also among the lucky ones. As mentioned earlier, some will be able to download MIUI 13 but it will still be limited to Android 11. Others, like the high-end models in the catalog, will have the opportunity to take care of everything.

MIUI 13: towards major graphic changes

Feel free to refer to the image above to see if your model fits the list. We will also have to wait for an official intervention from Xiaomi to confirm all this information, even if we already suspect that high-end phones will not be ruled out.

Should bring Xiaomi 13 anyway Important changes to the drawing In the interface of the Chinese manufacturer. We don’t yet know how much the company is getting involved with the icons, animations, widgets, or even the materials they use, but it’s probably time to make some fairly deep tweaks.

Xiaomi has announced the creation of a team dedicated to improving the MIUI interface. Its mission will be to collect consumer opinions and provide solutions to make the user experience more consistent from smartphone to …
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