Here is the virtual reality headset that Meta is planning to launch the metaverse through

On Twitter, analyst Brad Lynch shared 3D renders of a possible helmet design from Meta Project Cambria.

Introducing the Cambria helmet for the Meta Project // Source: Brad Lynch

Last October, Facebook changed its name. If the social network kept its name, the group became Meta. A way for the company to highlight the metaverse. On this occasion, the company also revealed one of the tools of this virtual reality with Project Cambria.

At that time, Meta had only sketched out the outlines of the future VR helmet, in a short video that basically allowed a look at the silhouette and its controllers. Meanwhile, while Meta has announced that Oculus products will now be rebranded as the Meta Quest, it’s still unclear what the Cambria Project headset that will definitely launch the Meta in the Metaverse will look like.

3D renderings of high-end VR headsets

Despite this, hardware analyst Brad Lynch on Twitter shared several visualizations of what a VR headset should look like.

Special thanks again to Marcus Kean for meeting with me to create these shows

Satisfaction with the validity of these models: 250%

– Brad Lynch (@SadlyItsBradley) April 13, 2022

Meta Cambria (SeaCliff) will be released later this year. I have had confirmation from production lines and sources who may have tried the device that this is exactly what the final model will look like”on Twitter, saying he’s confident of it “250%» Accuracy of common 3D displays.

Site XDA Developers Also report information from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo about this new virtual reality headset. Accordingly, the helmet from the Cambria project will be equipped with two diagonal 2.48-inch Mini-LED panels with a definition of 2160 x 2160 pixels. You’ll also benefit from two slim lenses for screen magnification and a gaze and face tracking system. So the launch will be planned this year with particularly high sales expectations for the Meta. Thus, the company expects to sell between one and two million units of this new helmet during the year.

Remember that Meta does not intend to stop at virtual reality alone. To develop his metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg’s group is also planning to release real augmented reality glasses. Project scheduled to be planned for 2024 as reported the edge.

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