Hidden secrets of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. gameplay and surveillance

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Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. game & watch has just been released, and although based on the company’s classic hardware, this new version has many hidden secrets.

For your convenience, we have circled all of you in one post (Thanks, Nintendo) – See below:

Finishing Super Mario Brothers, you will open the hard mode, in which different enemies will appear.

In the original game, you only got hard mode until you disabled the Nintendo Entertainment system!

G.W.© Nintendo

Open Infinite Mario mode in Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.: Lost positions by holding down a button on the title screen.

Voilà, no more games!

G.W.© Nintendo

Press and hold a button for more than 5 seconds on the title screen of the ball game to play Luigi!

G.W.© Nintendo

Finally, check out 35 special events on the digital clock:
7:00 AM / PM – Mandy Mole emerges from the ground and runs around.

1:11 AM / PM – 3 bloppers appear and swim up to the top of the screen.

5:55 AM / PM – Modules showing time change for coins.

If you hold down a button for five seconds, you can see and hear the Mario drawing song.

Sports and Watch Super Mario - Nintendo Life IMG© Nintendo Life

If you are interested in learning more about Nintendo’s new Cam & Watch, visit us Full hardware review. Have you ever seen these secrets in person? Tell us in the comments below.

Veronica Tucker

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