You can get the best Amazon Black Friday 2020 deals now: Airports Pro, Beats Solo 3, Apple Watch, Cheap TVs, Sandisk Price Discount

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Good Friday One more way, and … oh, wait, no. In fact, it turns out that Black Friday now covers the whole of November – there is a Black Friday deal wherever you look.

As usual, Amazon Black Friday is in action, even though it was a month before Prime Day. Now they are posting initial deals and there are plenty of attractive offers on their black silver sale when you shop this holiday season. Sure, there are still some sales until November 27th, the day after Thanksgiving, but now all the retailers have plenty of contract activities. Examples:

Earlier this month, Amazon raised the front by offering Discounts that are compatible with Deep, Prime Day on Echo devices. Those deals are now suspended, but we expect them to return soon – with the avalanche of others. In the meantime, here are the best initial black and silver deals you can get right now on Amazon.

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This is the lowest price of the record for Apple’s premium genuine wireless earrings, which is the best of all accounts, but hard to swallow for $ 250. It is worth noting that “regular” airports went on sale earlier this month for $ 99, but have since risen to 9,129 (although still $ 30 savings).

But if you want inviolable active noise cancellation, better call quality, convenient fit and wireless case charging, the Airbo Pro Splurge may be worth it.

Read our Airports Pro review.

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Looking for cheap storage? Amazon today slashed prices on all-line SanDisk storage products. That GB 60 to 400 GB microSD card For example, a better switch would be an upgrade.

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SE is already bargaining on Apple’s watch line, so it’s nice to see a discount – especially on the larger model, which is the lowest price on record at 0 260. (The 40mm model currently sells for $ 10 Further. However, it was previously marked as 30 230 and may go back there.)

Our Apple Watch S.E..


Didn’t the bargain you bought show you the Android TV or Fire TV interface on the TV? No problem: just insert the streamer of your choice. Roku Premier offers all the important modern day goodies like 4K streaming and HDR support, all wrapped up in a simple, effective UI.

However, there are no voice controls on the remote. If you like that feature, wait for the Rogue Streaming Stick Plus deal. Make sure someone is coming soon.

CNET has not reviewed this version of Rogue Premiere, but check it out Premier Plus Review, Which includes the most important details.


Although it is compatible (and sold) with Best Buy, you can score this smart 100 smart TV from Amazon if you wish. Powered by Amazon’s Fire TV UI – not our favorite, but still sure to sling all your favorite services – including a voice control remote with built-in Alexa Smart. Screen resolution ranks first at 720p, but it’s absolutely good for this size.

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