Hollow Infinite Publishing was teased by 343 businesses

Hollow is infinite It will be released in the fall of 2021 via Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. According to Bonnie Rose, founder and chairman of 343 Industries, the developer behind the game – 2021 will be a “big year” Hollow Right, it seems that this is not entirely due Hollow is infinite Release. Even if it is not the only cause Hollow is infinite, New Hollow game Definitely going to be the center of this “big year”.

According to Ross, 343 Industries aims to “offer something special.” Hollow is infinite And this Hollow Sports Xbox The fans deserve it. Along with this, Rose teases that the team is very eager to show the progress they have made. Unfortunately, Rose stands there before the science fiction first person reveals when they will see the shooting.

“2021 will be a big year Hollow The owner, “said Rose. As we recently announced, Hollow is infinite Released in the fall of 2021. I feel the wait was hard, I assure you the team wants the game in your hands soon, but they also want to offer something special Hollow The game you deserve. Thank you for your patience, your understanding and most importantly the words of support you gave to the team. I can’t express how grateful I am Hollow The community and the encouragement you expressed to us. It has lifted us up and provided the fuel to keep going. As you can see from the latest blog post, the team is making tremendous progress and is eager to show you more. “

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For now, let’s see if the game lives up to this billing given by Rose, of course, take what’s being said here with a grain of salt. Rose seems to believe she can really deliver the game, but she’s also the leader of the team that makes it, so take her exaggerated impulses with a grain of salt.

Hollow is infinite It is set to release next fall via Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. For more information on the game under 2021 – including all the latest news, including rumors and leaks – click Here Or check out some related links below:

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