Tesla’s Starman finally reaches Mars

In 2018 Elon Musk demonstrated SpaceX Balkan Heavy Launch System with Successful Test Plane Launches Musk’s Private 2008 Tesla Roadster A space-dressed mannequin called Starman in the driver’s seat. Now, more than two years ago, Starman and his cherry red car have arrived on Mars. In October, StarX shared on social media that Starman had made his first close approach with the Red Planet.

“The last time Starman left Earth, it made its first close approach to Mars today – within 0.05 astronomical units, or within 5 million miles of the Red Planet.”

The interesting thing here is that SpaceX refers to this as the “first close approach” to Mars, in fact, it is expected that Spaceman will become even closer in the future. According to Ben Pearson Unofficial online tracker To Starman and Roadster (via CNET), Tesla will go very close to 1.4 million miles on April 22, 2035. It will have crossed the Earth in 2047.

While it is spectacular that Roadster will be coming very close to Mars, do not expect any photos to come from those close encounters. When there are cameras inside and outside the vehicle, the vehicle’s battery is long dead. Musk initially estimated that the Roadster’s battery would last more than 12 hours, but it actually seemed to only work for 4, meaning Starman has been silent in space.

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Both Starman and Roadster are very different than they were in the last films sent back to Earth. Direct science He noted earlier that intense solar radiation in space has already eroded most of the organic matter exposed – think red paint, tires, leather seats, and so on. In the end, it is believed that the roadster will simply be reduced to an aluminum frame and some glass, which will survive as it passes through rocks and debris.

What do you think of Starman’s continued journey into space? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Veronica Tucker

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