HoloLens 2 can now guide drivers

Microsoft It has partnered with Volkswagen to develop an AR GPS navigation system called the Moving Platform. To use the new feature, drivers of vehicles from the German automaker must wear an augmented reality headset Hollow Lens 2.

The Moving Platform, as Microsoft calls it, provides all kinds of navigation and safety information for Volkswagen drivers to direct. Of course, this data is displayed in real time. According to Dr. Andrew Klein of the Volkswagen Innovation Group, mixed reality information is the most intuitive that can be provided to improve the user experience.

Mobile platform: a long-term project for Microsoft and Volkswagen

It’s been a long time since Volkswagen began researching augmented reality navigation. In 2015, the German company worked on a research project entitled ” racing coach It combined AR technology with autonomous vehicles to teach drivers how to race.

The system was already using Microsoft’s HoloLens AR headset. Use it to provide different virtual instructions to these drivers while driving. Among these signals, among others, are trend signals. Unfortunately, the German automaker had to give up The project due to monitoring problems.

In fact, the system struggled to display real-time data as the test vehicle began to move. Later in 2018, Microsoft and Volkswagen teamed up again to solve the tracking issues. Then the team of Mark Bolivice, Director of Microsoft Mixed Reality and AI Lab, developed the . file algorithm for HoloLens 2.

This took into account the movement of the vehicle to provide an AR navigation experience that doesn’t lose track. Note that developing this algorithm was a difficult task for Bolivianz and his team. In fact, they had to work and take tests remote From home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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After several prototypes, the team was finally able to do some testing with Volkswagen. To track the location of the test vehicle relative to the AR headset, I used a 3D GPS.

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