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Glenn Schofield, founder of the Striking Distance Studios development team, used Twitter to talk about it. Callisto protocol And its light system. In that case, it’s a horror game. “Scary, dark, annoying and unpleasantHe also confirmed that new information will be released soon.

Callisto Protocol was created by the same people who worked in Dead Space and is a kind of spiritual continuation of that horror series, although apparently there is no story connection. This game will be set within it PUGB worldHowever it is said to be a finite attachment to a few minor cross-references.

Schofield also praised members of the development team, including art director Demetrius Leal and lighting director Atsushi Cio. Apparently, The Lighting system It can go a long way with horror, and if the game is “scary, dark, disturbing and unpleasant” it will thank you for the effort in this area.

For New informationAs mentioned, Schofield has promised that there will be news “soon”. Apparently “soon” is not accurate, but considering that the Summer Games Festival is set for June 9th, it is not possible for the team to plan a presentation during that event. Finally, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | Note that the game for S is in development.

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