Ubleam innovates by launching the first portable digital notebook

Specialist in the field of augmented reality, Ubleam, an extended scale based in Toulouse and Bordeaux, is the designer of bleam, a new generation of QR code that facilitates the use and maintenance of objects by connecting them to provide interactive content.

Thus, six million products were equipped with his patch. Today, the company continues to innovate by introducing the first portable digital equipment laptop. A unique solution aimed at digitizing field operations to simplify maintenance and consultation of professional equipment documentation.

Finish the technical manual, finish the maintenance history, now the operator scans the light on his tablet or on his mobile phone and instantly accesses a dedicated interface in augmented reality that will allow and facilitate a full range of tasks: consult all equipment data, access all non-disabled documents Corresponding physical, see maintenance history, etc.

The data can be enriched thanks to the ability to add images and reports that are entered directly at the bottom of the device.

100 sites equipped

This 4.0 solution, as practical as it is intuitive and convenient, immediately appealed to gamers who wanted to share organizational information in a collaborative and secure manner.

Consequently, Ubleam doubled contracts with major industrial groups such as Sanofi, Suez or TotalEnergies, whose “Plant 4.0” accelerator was recently merged. Or Air Liquide Healthcare, which just outfitted its respirators with a sealant for healthcare professionals to make it easier for them to access documentation and after-sales service. By 2023, Ubleam has set itself the goal of reaching over a hundred sites equipped with its new solution.

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