How can virtual reality improve patient treatment?

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Some recent advances in medicine may remind us of what one can read or see in science fiction books or movies.

This project combines Virtual Reality Treating the patient with radiotherapy.

Reminder: What is radiotherapy?

Besides surgery and chemotherapy, radiotherapy is one of the three main treatments against cancer. Today, in Western countries, 60% of patients receive radiotherapy during treatment. The therapeutic principle of action is the destruction of cancer cells thanks to ionizing radiation that targets tumor Spare healthy tissue as much as possible. Technological advances in the field of radiotherapy have enabled continuous improvement in the accuracy ofirradiationtaking into account movements, Reproduce sessions by adapting to changes in the tumor and its environment. These advances also contribute to reducing the side effects of treatment.

Hartmann Institute of Radiotherapy (ELSAN GROUP) is introducing high-definition technologies to patients and, in the past few days, a virtual reality experience – called VORTHEx – that allows patients to experience a pre-simulated experience of the treatments being performed thanks to two Cyber ​​Knives Center. This innovative experience was developed thanks to the expertise of Three-dimensionalEXPERIENCE Lab, a unit of the Dassault System Group that specializes in developing virtual reality tools.

Virtual reality at the service of the patient experience

In the face of the weight of their treatment against cancer And the malaise that can arise from the radiotherapy rooms, patients often find themselves frail. They struggle with Protocolsand appointments with specialists and Articulated robots Big figures in the radiotherapy room moving around. These conditions do not always prepare them peacefully to be treated radiotherapy. The VORTHEx project aims to improve the patient experience of radiotherapy through a virtual treatment room, a space Twin The new radiotherapy room at the Hartmann Institute”.

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The process of virtual reality has already proven itself in the field of medicine. Thus, VR (Virtual Reality) To reduce painReducing stress and anxiety, overcoming addiction, and improving rehabilitation methods for patients who have undergone it brain attack

What is the VORTHEx project?

The VORTHEx project will allow people with cancer to better understand the benefits of their treatment, and visualize them through virtual reality to better understand them. It will initially be created within the Hartmann Institute of Radiotherapy, which houses one of the The latest therapeutic innovations, a Cyberknife robot developed by Accuray. The latter makes it possible to treat it Tumors Thanks to a high-precision technology that emits ultra-fine radiation Sizes receipt. It precisely targets the diseased area and thus does not affect similar tissues. Thanks to the VORTHEx project, patients will be able to visualize in 3D.” All technical and protocol components of the treatment, namely: the room, the Cyberknife robotic arm, the patient’s position, the methods and stages of the sessions. (Source: Website Three-dimensionalExperience Lab). This 3D initiative that aims to prepare patients prior to their treatment is the first of its kind in the world.

Accompany the patient to increase the chances of recovery

Thanks to the use of 3D simulation tools from Three-dimensionalExperience lab by Dassault Systèmes, patients will have the opportunity to visualize the future treatment or treatment that they will receive. In this unique experience, they will be accompanied by someone from the care team who will be able to answer all their questions about the treatment process.

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This 3D initiative that aims to prepare patients before their treatment is the first of its kind in the world

The VORTHEx project supports patients in their disease. In fact, better understanding the treatment gives them a better chance of beating cancer. The aim of the experiment is to familiarize them with the protocol, place of treatment and its tools. The implementation of the VORTHEx project aims to improve patients’ comfort, reduce their fears and deepen their understanding of the radiotherapy protocol.

According to the Hartmann Institute of Radiotherapy, support for people with cancer before and after treatment is essential to fighting the disease. So it is only natural that the center is associated with the Raphael Institute. This European center provides free support to patients before and after cancer. The two institutes, as well as the ELSAN Foundation, are pooling their skills to provide patients with time andenergy They will need to rebuild themselves in the best possible conditions.


Three-dimensionalExperience Lab is an initiative of Dassault System. The company’s goal, then, is to help launch the projects you’ve started Startups After choosing one of the following topics: city, life, style From Life, Ideas or FabLab. Those who are selected will therefore be supported for a term of 2 to 5 years. the program Three-dimensionalExperience Lab It will provide them with virtual simulation tools that will allow them to develop their project. through his programme Three-dimensionalEXPERIENCE Lab Dassault Systèmes wants to support creativity and enable new experiences that make a positive impact in today’s society and tomorrow’s world.

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The article was produced in partnership with Dassault Systèmes

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