Fortnite: Will Family Guy’s Pete Griffin land in the video game?

Is Pete Griffin from the popular American animated series “Family Guy” about to join Fortnite?

Some rumors seem to indicate that a famous character from American animated series “Family Guy” He will be about to join Fortnite. In fact, many information indicates that Pete Griffin may soon land in the video game. But is this true? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Fortnite is always on top

Fortnite was launched a few years ago, and Fortnite quickly won over video game aficionados. And that’s for the simple, good reason that Epic Games’ creation hasn’t lacked originality.

The arrival of a Battle Royale mode has not failed to convince the ever-growing number of fans to join the community.

To date, millions of players are connecting to live an extraordinary experience. 2022 was also a huge success as the developer had selected 268 to 272 million players each month.

As you understand, Epic Games puts the dishes in the big bowls to please the Fortnite fans. Between skins and weapons Other missions and cooperationand the last thrilled.

In a press release shared by Eric Williamson, Game Design Director said: “The team is constantly looking to improve everything about all levels. A lot of it depends on the opinions of the players.”

He added thus: “Whether it is to improve performance, create new content or update existing game elements. We are always looking to improve the experience.”

But if Epic Games puts the heart in the work, some players don’t respect the developer’s work. Thus, cheat players are also present in Fortnite. Some don’t hesitate to cheat. Even during tournaments.

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A real problem for other players. MCE TV tells you more about video games.

Pete Griffin soon in the game?

In any case and despite the cheating, it seems that Epic Games is willing to do anything to please the fans of Fortnite. Especially for bringing very famous characters from pop culture into play.

Recently, Naruto has plunged into adventure. but that is not all ! Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, It has also been added to the list of available skins.

According to the latest rumours, And so Peter Griffin will be about to arrive. Unfortunately, these guesses seem not entirely accurate.

It is anyway What our colleagues from are saying. In fact, if the idea of ​​incorporating the character of the American animated series “Family Guy” is a good one, This is still unlikely.

the reason ? There is nothing concrete to confirm these rumors. If Peter Griffin’s name was seen many times, it would be A simple joke from the creators of Fortnite.

Thus, their goal will be to deceive the data tools. Not fun! But beware. We are not immune to cooperation. If nothing sees an ongoing project, it could be Epic Games playing with Fortnite fans. Case to follow then … and closely!

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