How do we fight visual fatigue?

Computers, smartphones, tablets… We spend more and more time in front of our screens. A recent study conducted by a private network provider in 4 European countries showed that adults in France call on average 56 hours a week online. They spend more time online than sleeping.

Many of us have eyes that get tired, blush, and sting… If we run more than 50 hours a week, our legs are going to be pretty stiff, well, our eyes also show signs of weakness when we force them to look at our screens several hours a day! To stare at the same object for a long time, the eye muscles must remain contracted to maintain their position and this leads to fatigue.

A good way to reduce eye strain is to Take breaks. At least 10 minutes every two hours. We take the opportunity to get up, take a few steps, by the way, they are also good for the back and health in general. Good posture is one that you don’t maintain for a long time. Should Also think about flashing. In front of his screen, we tend to do it less. This helps distribute the tear film well and reduces dryness of the eyes. We can too Prepare yourself with artificial tears or physiological serum If the discomfort persists, and you have itchy eyes.

Really effective against blue light spotlights?

What about glasses that block blue light? It has become a fashionable accessory. Sell ​​more and more. And if you have to wear corrective lenses, optometrists now offer to treat them against blue light. Some people say they feel less eye strain with these filter glasses, but Scientists are more careful. Recent studies are unconvincing, with mixed results.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology does not recommend the use of blue-light-blocking glasses to relieve visual discomfort. According to her, the problems that people complain about are Simply because of the overuse of digital devices.

Pay attention to the room lighting

It is especially important to adopt a sufficient distance: at least 50 cm from the screen for a laptop and 80 cm for a desktop computer. Another important thing: We pay attention to the lighting of the room in which we find ourselves and avoid extreme contradictions. The worst situation is to look at your cell phone at night in the dark, even if it has a “night” mode that allows you to lower the brightness and reduce the blue light.

The best thing to do an hour or two before bed is reallyTry to put your laptop and tablet away Because screens also affect sleep for various reasons. And it’s not just because blue light delays sleep.

So in spite of all this, we still have the eyes that go, Do not hesitate to make an appointment with his ophthalmologist to check his eyesight. A visual defect that is not properly corrected can actually cause visual strain.

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