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Parts of a mobile air conditioner

Portable air conditioner is increasingly popular due to its features. First of all, it requires no installation: just put it in the house and turn it on to enjoy cooler indoor air. Then, unlike the Fixed air conditionerThe portable form is easier to use and maintain. However, some simple maintenance steps must be taken to extend the life of your device and maintain its performance. Here’s how to properly maintain a portable air conditioner.

Maintenance tips for your portable air conditioner

Before figuring out how to properly maintain a portable air conditioner, it is important to remember the following point: Your appliance must be serviced. Regularly With a soft, damp cloth. Also, before you start cleaning, remember to turn off your machine. Here are the steps to follow for the optimum maintenance of your portable air conditioner:

Air filters

Like many home appliances, portable air conditioners are exposed to dust. Filters tend to accumulate dust and particles. Every two weeks it is recommended to take out and vacuum the filters. After you’ve removed the dust, clean it with lukewarm water and put it back when it’s completely dry.

Indoor and outdoor air conditioning unit

To remove dust, take a slightly damp cloth. Also remember to empty the condensate tray. If you encounter stubborn stains, use an appropriate air conditioner product. Above all, do not use traditional cleaning products with the risk of damaging your appliance.


Scale has a negative effect on air conditioners: it reduces their performance. This is why it is essential to descale your appliance at least once a year to maximize the benefits. To remove the scale, use the product provided by the seller. Do not use any other descaler; You risk damaging your device.

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This step is dangerous and requires great care. To achieve this, you need to contact a professional.

During winter, it is important to store the portable air conditioner properly. In particular, you should leave it upright and cover it with a blanket (or other) so that it does not collect dust.

Tips on good use of your portable air conditioner

The first thing you need to do is to properly install the portable air conditioner. This passes through the connection: there should be a mounting socket You have a landline connection. In addition, do not install your portable air conditioner in a location where there is a risk of drip. These first two textures are intended to avoid short circuit and fire.

When using a portable air conditioner, remember to close any openings that may let in sunlight. In fact, if hot air manages to get in, your room will still be too hot and the air conditioner will then have to run more. The result: you will spend more energy.

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When it comes to setting up your device, it is important that you do so Choose the right temperature. In general, the temperature between indoors and outdoors should not exceed 8 ° C At risk of heat shock. In fact, the body is sensitive to large changes in temperature. gap Over 10 ° C Between the inside and the outside it can cause headaches, even loss of consciousness and respiratory arrest.

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If you have or are considering a portable air conditioner, you now know what needs to be done for proper maintenance. Do not neglect this step to be able to benefit from your portable air conditioner in the long term.

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