How is a computer selected according to its intended use? Driving notebook

The computer is part of the list of incompressible work tools in the digital age and the Internet. A powerful computer is the guarantee of better productivity. It has established itself in almost all sectors of its activity.

Its role in contemporary society is more important because information systems represent a real strategic challenge for organizations. Here we explain how to choose a high-performance, reliable PC according to your needs.

Should you choose a desktop or laptop computer?

Initial use and the needs question are the two criteria that will enable the selection of a particular computer model. For example, it is easier to use a DVD burner or card reader with a desktop computer than with a laptop, because not all of them have the appropriate ports.

Thus, the following criteria can guide you in choosing the ideal working tool:

  • Workplace ;
  • the nature of the tasks to be performed;
  • the amount of data to be processed;
  • the need for energy independence or not;
  • processor speed and response;
  • Random access memory (RAM) capacity.

However, visual comfort, weight, and ergonomics set the criteria, and you will likely be tempted to choose a laptop.

Focusing on desktop computers, which model is best suited?

The computer is a working tool that exists in both Workplace than in the home environment. Thus, the choice will depend on the use to be used and the personal aspirations of the users.

Choose between the two main computer groups

Like laptops, there are many different variations of desktop computers. The main references are “All-in-one computers” and computers with a central unit.

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Computers with a CPU usually come with a mouse, keyboard, and monitor. This computer family has the largest number of models suitable for all uses. Some users even choose to buy a file used graphics terminal to which they will add other accessories. This alternative offers many advantages to users.

As for the “all-in-one” computers, they seem to be designed in a more innovative way. They have the peculiarity of incorporating a central unit into their design. Therefore, it saves a lot of space. In fact, with built-in components at the level of the monitor, computers of this type are almost no wider than a conventional monitor.

In addition, the All-In-One PCs seem to have an attractive and elegant design. These models can be easily installed in any room of your home. In addition, some models provide exceptional user comfort due to their touch screen.

Web-Ready PC

If the time you spend on your computer is usually spent guidance On the Internet, choosing your computer should allow you to perform your tasks without restrictions. In such a context, processor-based models Intel Atom where Intel Celeron You must avoid them from the universe of your choice.
It is recommended instead to choose Intel core i3 or dual core models. It is these templates that will give you a better user experience. The capacity of the hard drive is not a determining factor, having a volume equal to or greater than 500 GB is more than enough.

Computer for home use

Computers for family use often cover a variety of needs. Since the number of people in a home is not fixed, computer performance may need to be improved as the number of users increases. So the various components of the computer should be accessible for replacement if necessary.

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Family computers are often very busy depending on the characteristics of each user. It is recommended to use a dedicated graphics card for better gaming experience. In addition, a large volume will save all the family data.

Finally, even if using a Blu-ray player has a significant impact on electricity consumption, it can still allow you to watch HD movies on your computer screen.

A computer suitable for video/photo editing

Video editing and image processing professionals need a more powerful and dynamic working tool. Due to the amount of data to be processed, the computer used must have a good storage capacity. RAM capacity and processor speed are factors to consider for better performance.

So computers equipped with a modern CPU are best suited for this type of profile. In addition, if the means allow, it is recommended to choose a computer with SSD storage. Graphics programs and applications run very quickly on these disks.

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