The spy for Salis Town Hall has not been identified

During a city council meeting on Monday, October 11, Mayor Bruno’s office informed elected officials that the issue of spyware on city hall computers had not been resolved.

During the Salles City Council meeting on Monday, October 11th, the Socialist Mayor’s Office Bruno gave the news of the investigation carried out by the gendarmerie after the discovery of spyware in the computers of the town hall. It all started at the beginning of September 2020, when a municipal employee called a computer to work between noon and 2 pm.

Then he noticed that someone had taken over his computer. The city computer scientist immediately checked all workstations for a program that allows you to work remotely on a computer, and accordingly searched it. He was installed to various strategic positions in 2017 or 2018, during the tenure of Luc Derville, the former mayor.

Bruno’s office said the attorney general had closed the case. “Criminal proceedings cannot be initiated because, despite the description of the facts, the investigation did not identify the person or persons who committed the crime,” the city council member explains. The IP addresses could not be returned due to protection on the city hall central server. So this strange espionage case will have no conclusion.

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