How Kovit changed a year later. New signs here

The alarm bells have changed during this third period of the epidemic. After two waves, the virus emerges in the spring of 2020, violently, in most cases except for the symptoms shown. It will be the result of the age of new positives – increasingly younger -. It may be, but we are in the realm of hypotheses that, now, the epidemic, now the SARS-Cove-2, above all, the English mutation in the head, is now spreading widely in the Bergamo area. The truth is, according to orbic white coatings, the symptoms of these numerous infections have changed a lot.

Sierra Mason, 35, a general coach at Bonnet Choto since 2017, explains this well. “In this third wave, recurrent symptoms in those who test positive for Covit-19 are mild: we talk about intestinal disorders, including headaches and sore throats and vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. Within family outbursts these symptoms are often misunderstood by our patients as something else, and some are convinced that they have caught a little cold.The truth is that the symptoms are more pronounced in the first waves and we can no longer see them.

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Veronica Tucker

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